What the Historic Peaks of Absenteeism and Disengagement in France Reveals
This article emphasizes the significance of team dynamics in overcoming organizational challenges, advocating for a supportive, balanced, and safe team environment. Highlighting the importance of meeting team members' needs such as competence and autonomy, it argues that enhancing motivation and performance leads to a more resilient and adaptable organization.
Why managerial transformations crash against paradoxical injunctions?
Uncover the conflict between traditional leadership and the growing desire for collaboration, leading to a paradoxical mandate that erodes trust. The article offers practical insights on decentralizing power, promoting autonomy, and adopting an entrepreneurial spirit. Explore the keys to successful organizational change and a gain in collective performance. A must-read...
What is a Liberated Company, Really?
Discover the synthesis of pioneering research on the liberated company by Michèle El Khoury, Annabelle Jaouen, and Sylvie Sammut. Explore the distinctive criteria and nuances compared to models such as Holacracy and the Opal organization, and gain insights on how to integrate these innovative concepts into your organization. A must-read...
The NextGen Enterprise will rely on The New Work Operating System
The conventional approach of defining work via “jobs” and individuals as “jobholders” is becoming outdated. The contemporary business environment, driven by digitization and automation, demands a fresh approach to work structure: a "work without jobs" operating system for enhanced organizational agility. An article by Luc Bretones, Founder of NextGen
Prospects of a just transition
The ongoing environmental and societal transition calls for various unprecedentedtransformations (industrial, societal, technological, and environmental practices) andrepresents both a moral and strategic obligation. While the world is experiencing major andrapid changes, disadvantaged populations appear to be the most affected. An article by Luc Bretonesn, Founder of NextGen, Based on the...