In order to constantly innovate and deal with the challenges of Next Generation Entreprises and customers needs, we built many partnerships with stakeholders from various sizes, sectors, locations and expertises. Together, we imagine, co-built,  prepare and transform the Future of Work and the transition of organizations towards models with a positive impact on society and the environment.

Co-Organisers & Strategic Partners

Our strategic partners are co-organisers of our formats and engage with us in their design and editorial implementation


KPMG France – market leader in Audit and Consulting – is a 10,000-strong team of professionals dedicated to creating a new prosperity that’s set to enhance companies, entrepreneurs and organizations of all sizes.


Founded in 2002 by Pierre Sinodinos, Aneo is a strategy, transformation, and technology consulting agency. Its purpose is to help companies become human, unique and coherent. 


BNP Paribas is the leading bank in the European Union and is present in 68 countries. Its mission, as defined in its purpose, is “to serve its customers and the world in which we live”


Since 2015, Holaspirit has been helping organizations to deploy agility and self-management at scale. More than 500 companies in 30 countries rely on the platform every day. 

Business Partners

We work on specific cases with our business partners to complement our expertise in areas related to managerial innovation,
impact policies and more broadly the future of work.

A pioneer in enterprise social networks since 2008, Talkspirit has evolved into a comprehensive collaborative platform. It addresses key issues in communication and collaboration within organizations, such as:

• Connecting all stakeholders and developing cohesion
• Simplifying access to information and accelerating its dissemination
• Enhancing collaboration and simplifying teamwork

Talkspirit combines a news feed, company directory, shared agenda, document management, chat, video conferencing, and bots in a secure environment accessible on all devices.Hosted and designed in France, compliant with DGMP, Talkspirit serves public, private, and voluntary organizations of all sizes to transform their work methods.

Notable references include 20 Minutes, Army, CNES, DHL, Gîtes de France, Groupe Foncia, Groupe La Poste, Office National des Forêts, SNCF, and Société du Grand Paris.

We choose Talkspirit to establish a sovereign base for communication, collaboration, or community animation for our customers.

Founded in 2020, LiveMore is a comprehensive solution designed to enhance team efficiency and employee personal growth. LiveMore addresses critical areas of enterprise development, such as:

• Improving team cohesion and psychological safety
• Providing opportunities for personal and professional development
• Offering tools for skill development and collaboration

LiveMore integrates a scientifically validated diagnostic tool, the LiveMore app for 24/7 access to growth content, expert advice, and secure forums, and dedicated growth program managers. The platform includes personal development programs, customized growth plans, and continuous support through workshops and webinars, all within a secure, accessible environment.

Designed to fit enterprises of all sizes and sectors, LiveMore helps organizations optimize their work methods and achieve strategic goals.

Notable references include companies from various industries that have benefited from LiveMore’s innovative solutions.

NextGen, purpose-driven enterprise, focuses on shared governance and managerial innovation on one hand, and impact-driven organizations on the other. The notion of impact notably raises social and environmental dimensions. In this context, calculating an organization’s carbon footprint is becoming an increasingly necessary prerequisite in the business world. And not only calculating the impact, but especially developing an action plan to improve this impact and compensate for it.

Our partner Orki’s ambition is to make carbon accounting accessible to all companies, whether at the level of a product, a project, or an organizational level.

The company’s climate manager must:

  • Improve the company’s carbon footprint to address climate issues
  • Ensure compliance with increasingly complex regulations
  • Meet partner requirements by adopting a climate strategy that meets their expectations

NextGen is working with Orki to train clients on these issues and provide practical implementation on this platform.

Our training courses and management innovation missions almost systematically encounter the problem of fitting out premises. Indeed, the rapid evolution of work modes and workplaces has greatly complicated the managerial specifications. Flexibilisation, hybridisation, project mode, extended enterprise constitute the new paradigm of the working world.

We discuss the physical layout and reconfiguration of workplaces with our partner Steelcase and its research teams. Their client projects and their Learning and Innovation Center in Munich allow us to immerse our trainees and clients in the real-life experiences of the future of work.

Steelcase is leading the way in creating quality experiences with a broad range of design, furniture, technology products and services designed to help employees unlock their full potential. These next generation spaces make it easier to work, learn and regenerate

Our work on operational excellence frequently leads us to address the topics of feedback and continuous improvement.

Bloomin is also our platform for evaluation and qualitative feedback in the context of all our training courses and Qualiopi certification.

Bloomin offers its clients the opportunity to move from feedback to action, to re-enchant their employee experience. This simple HR feedback solution allows you to measure engagement, analyse results and implement action plans: 

• consultation of employees based on survey templates
• analysis of feedback,
• consultation of content and recommendations for faster action,
• limiting the risks of RPS by communicating regularly with employees.

Among clients references: Adeo, BNP, Malakoff Humanis, Decathlon, Crédit Agricole, Adévinta, Total Direct Energie, Les mousquetaires, Groupama, Phénix, GRT Gaz, Heineken, Bouygues Construction, Expléo and Orange

We are witnessing a tipping point for organizations in terms of attracting and retaining talent
In addition to the flexibility they are known for, talents are demanding :

• Management through trust, autonomy and responsibility,
• A corporate mission with impact,
• Digital tools at the top of the practices.

It is becoming urgent for leaders to take a snapshot of the managerial maturity and aspirations of their teams.
NextGen, the global community for managerial innovation and impact companies, has taken a global tour of practices in this area and awarded the OpenDecide scaleup, a product of French research, in 2020.

Today NextGen is the first certified global partner authorized to deploy OpenDecide, interpret its results and accompany companies of all sizes towards their managerial optimum. 900 teams around the world have already successfully used OpenDecide and can testify to a “tailor-made”, non-dogmatic approach that has enabled them to resolve their implicit and explicit dysfunctions.

NextGen and OpenDecide can already quote as major references EDF, Enedis, Airbus, Vinci, CNES, Safran,…

Media partners

Institutional and community partners


In 2022, a century after its founding, KPMG France became a “société à mission” (a company with a social and environmental purpose). It is passionate about innovating as part of its mission to foster trust, connect performance with social responsibility and nurture the skills that lie deep within the economy, local regions and society. KPMG offers its customers a strong and multidisciplinary global network spanning 144 countries. It stands out from the crowd due to its vast territorial reach, comprising 200 offices in France.