Press release

June 2023

OpenDecide Announces Strategic Partnership with NextGen for Partner Network Development; Luc Bretones Appointed as Director of Partnerships.


OpenDecide is a technology company that assists teams in fostering and nurturing optimal collective dynamics through science. NextGen leads an international community of change-makers in the realm of workplace transformation, aiming to enhance society through innovative management practices and impact.

During its first Innovation Management Summit in 2020, convened by NextGen, OpenDecide was awarded the New Generation Company trophy for its scientific technology dedicated to improving team efficiency worldwide.

Since then, OpenDecide has seen a series of successful deployments and tangible gains in SMEs, mid-sized enterprises (ETIs), and major international corporations.

This success has prompted OpenDecide to establish a robust global network of certified partners capable of interpreting results and facilitating teams’ desired improvement plans.

Starting on May 15, 2023, Luc Bretones, founder of NextGen, will assume responsibility for OpenDecide’s partner network. He brings extensive experience in this field, having successfully held similar roles at Orange and Holaspirit.

OpenDecide’s objective is to support European clients in their managerial transformation endeavors. This network of highly qualified partners will be able to provide regional, national, or international assistance.

We aim to accelerate positive team management transformation through technology and science. The creation of a partner network contributes to this goal by enhancing our offerings and catering to various team maturity levels across Europe.
We are delighted to announce Luc Bretones’ appointment as part of our partnership with NextGen, as they share our values and our ambition for positive impact on a national and international scale.

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We believe that the primary source of company performance lies within their teams, in the quality of interactions and interdependencies. The team is the right level of analysis for performance and well-being because no one works alone anymore! This conviction is shared with the network of partners who find OpenDecide to be a unique differentiator in the market.

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OpenDecide is a technology company founded in 2015 that helps teams foster and nurture optimal collective dynamics. The OpenDecide platform, which incorporates 80 years of research in organizational behavior, is used by over 2,000 teams (from executive committees to operational levels) to generate sustainable collective performance.

NextGen energizes and supports an international community of leaders in
organizational and managerial transitions that combine optimizing individual and collective potentials, considering the common good, and achieving performance. Its purpose is to reinvent the world of work for sustainable performance.