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Q1 2022 issue

Talent recruitment and loyalty Trends 2022

The series of pandemic waves has turned a brutal global test of telework into new and lasting behavioral anchors. As digital platforms make competition for talent more fluid than ever, the latter are in a strong position in many sectors where innovation adds value and differentiates players. Skills and expertise appear to be critical and increasingly specialized, called upon as needed for a project or situation facing the organization. The interconnectedness of the organizations themselves, but also of their ecosystem, is increasing significantly

This second barometer synthesizes the best global studies on the future of work, exclusive findings from "NextGen" analysis and exclusive research.

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The 8 key trends in talent recruitment and loyalty

1- Developing key skills and competencies

2- Moving towards shared governance and impact

3- Stemming the tide of resignations

4- Supporting employees

5- Making a sincere commitment to ESG criteria

6- Working with the best digital tools

7- Reducing job insecurity

8- Streamlining activities on platforms and marketplaces

Key points to remember

New roles

Taking on new roles during the pandemic. 28% of employees took on new roles in 2021, as professionals evolved, labour markets changed and… job losses unfortunately increased as a result of COVID-19 (ADP).

Agility and curiosity

Companies value agility and curiosity. 69% of the world’s most admired companies prioritise agility and curiosity when it comes to learning over career path and experience when it comes to hiring (Korn Ferry).

Skills requalification

41% of Executives said that capacity building through skills upgrading, reskilling and mobility is one of the most important steps to take to transform work (Deloitte).

The big resignation

The trend towards leaving is growing. Nearly a third of professionals surveyed by Korn Ferry in 2021 said they would consider leaving their job, even if they had no other job in mind. 74% of professionals believe this will only increase in 2022 so that 50% of all employees will need to retrain by 2025.

Attrition rate

The pandemic crisis has caused a shock, resulting in deep awareness and a reconsideration of the meaning of work. In the absence of flexibility, 25% of workers will be considering a change of employer.

Inclusion & Diversity

81% of employees who reported working in an inclusive culture, also reported being happy in their jobs – 3 times more than those who did not feel included. Feeling included is a key element of well-being.

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