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Q2 2023 issue

New compasses, for which performances?

The current management of companies increasingly reveals its limits. The big quit, the high rates of disengagement testify to this: the world that is coming and in which we are entering at full speed, considers the social and environmental impact that companies have as absolutely crucial. What my organization does and what I do there must make sense. Is this simply the aspiration of the new generations? For the most part, perhaps, but this fundamental movement corresponds above all to a much more universal awareness.

• What guides the new generations in their employer’s choice?
• How can dashboard be adapted to better monitor all the value produced, including non-financial value, within a company?
• Which are the pitfalls of integrating impact with performance?
• Which new levers to account for impact within performance?

Through this barometer, we will see why it is becoming urgent for our organizations to be managed in full awareness of the impact they have on their environment and on society, and how some are already doing so.

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We must now put the genius of our financiers, our accountants and our engineers to work on measuring impact beyond simply counting euros. Non-financial reporting must become a major item on the Comex agenda and not just something that is reviewed for five minutes at the end of the meeting.

Eric Duverger, Founder at “Convention des Entreprises pour le climat” (CEC)

This change is neither a marketing fad nor a revolution, but rather a humble approach that recognizes the negative impacts of our activities and is ambitious in maximizing the positive impact of producing and supplying carbon-free electricity in a world that must become carbon neutral by 2050.

Carine De Boissezon, Chief impact officer at EDF

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