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Training Series "Walk the TALK"- #05 The Art of Governance - From a "Predict & Control" Leadership to a "Sense & Respond" Leadership

Masterclass programs led by international experts and business leaders to inspire and educate, learning from those who have already taken action. An Alumni network to continue exchanges, share best practices, and the keys to success.

Training Objectives

To have an impact on oneself, others, and one's environment

Transform one's leadership from the uncertainty, anticipation, and surrounding pressure into an opportunity for expansion.

Interactive and experiential sessions in a "learn by doing" mode

Practice the learnings to give shape and grounding to the teachings received.

Training information

No prerequisites for this training

Target audience: Managers and team members (both hierarchical and cross-functional relationships)

Assessment methods: quizzes

✓ Global pedagogical approach

✓ Modalities

  • Contribution of Knowledge
  • Short Video
  • Experiential Activities in Small Sub-groups
  • Exchanges and Feedback Among Peers
  • Presentation of Existing Examples and Practices
  • Exchange and Q&A with Guests
  • Inter-session Application Activities
  • A 12.5-hour course alternating between inspirational sessions and practical workshops.
  • Dedicated to all leaders wishing to grow their teams through empowerment in the service of sustainable performance.
  • Participants minimum 6 – maximum 12
  • 6 masterclasses, 1 facilitator and guests
  • 12.50 hours, over 6 weeks
  • Modalities : 100% online
  • 1890 excluding tax per person


✓ Module 1

✓ Module 2

✓ Module 3

The Power of Presence

The world needs leaders who are capable of remaining fully present amidst turmoil to effect a broader transformation of their ecosystem. At the foundation of this leadership talent lies the ability to pay attention to one’s attention, to calm one’s mind, to “inhabit” one’s body, and to remain steady amidst turbulence.
As Bill O’Brien, former CEO of Hanover Insurance, once said, “The success of an intervention depends on the inner condition of the intervener.” It is this inner state that we will explore together in this module.

with Sabrina Bouraoui

Founder of Shades of Gray

The Art of Active and Empathetic Listening

Being an active participant in your relationships means no longer simply enduring them. It’s understanding the principles on which attentive and respectful listening relies. How to listen to your own emotions, distinguish them from feelings, understand their role, their functioning, and listen to their message. Using your body as an antenna to identify what is good for you and what is not. Listening to your intuition. It’s also about listening without judgment, without trying to solve, just offering a compassionate presence. Each participant will leave with immediately applicable tools.

with Sabrina Bouraoui

Founder ofShades of Gray

The Art of Responsible Communication

Being an active participant in your relationships means no longer simply enduring them. It’s understanding the foundations of healthy and mature communication. It’s taking responsibility for your end of the relationship, knowing how to position yourself, set boundaries, ask, and explain. We will offer a process to help you develop clarity and fluidity in your exchanges and promote cooperation within your teams.

with Sabrina Bouraoui

Founder ofShades of Gray

✓ Module 4

✓ Module 5

✓ Module 6

The Art of Asking the Right Question

Questioning is a daily act. However, none of us have been trained to ask questions!
Most of us ask the same type of questions, which represent only 15% of the possibilities, and this is to get typical and rarely enriching answers. So, how can we ask questions differently to broaden the realm of possibilities, promote communication, grow, and help others grow? That’s what we will discover in this module.

with Sabrina Bouraoui

Founder ofShades of Gray

Juggling with Polarities

This module will be an opportunity to discover how to see ourselves and our world more clearly and fully through the spectrum of polarities.
You will be invited to uncover some of your polarities and develop your ability to break free from restrictive binary thinking and to take multiple perspectives, shifting from a “either/or” mindset to a “both/and” mindset, and embracing complexity.

with Sabrina Bouraoui

Founder ofShades of Gray

Boosting Collective Intelligence

The particularly uncertain environment of recent months can lead to waiting, feeling powerless, or rushing into hasty and ill-suited decisions. What if grounding ourselves in the present moment provided us with the necessary perspective to illuminate our actions and lead our organizations more calmly? Building on the teachings received so far, you will experiment with how to generate new concrete pathways and more relevant solutions for action in a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous) context, leveraging collective intelligence.

with Sabrina Bouraoui

Founder ofShades of Gray

Your co-host

Sabrina Bouraoui

Founder of Shades of Gray

Sabrina has nurtured a passion for human development and specializes in individual and collective transformation within organizations. Her journey was shaped during her 10 years of living in San Francisco, where she founded her company “Shades of Gray” before settling in France in 2017.

Today, Sabrina accompanies teams, collectives, and leaders who wish to work and cooperate differently—to be more agile, innovative, and human—and who ultimately desire to adapt to societal transition.

She combines methods in collective intelligence, approaches to shared governance, and tools to support attitudes and ways of being.

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