Artificial intelligence is a progress to emancipate all work actors.

At the Management Fair 2024, Luc Bretones, CEO of NextGen, explained how artificial intelligence (AI) was beneficial in bringing humans back to the core of managers’ missions. Discover it in this video:

There are many forms of management. According to Luc Bretones, CEO of NextGen, present at the Management Fair in Paris on February 27, 2024, the rapid advent of artificial intelligence (AI) within organizations will not happen against managers, but with them, becoming an emancipating tool.

He first reminds that “AI is a set of algorithms that feed on data. It can deduce certain information, situations, and thus automate tasks that were until now repetitive, burdensome, and required a lot of human investment with little added value. Conversely, AI will also be capable of performing very advanced tasks very quickly, which until today were the preserve of experienced profiles.” Focusing back on essential tasks.

Managers can thus get ahead of the game. Currently, “they face an impossible equation. They are asked for everything and its opposite. They must manage human resources, quality, social relations, performance, objectives. It’s hellish! Many end up resigning. Thanks to AI, and by outsourcing certain tasks, they save time. They can refocus on their core business: human relations, the transmission of good practices, and advice. Everything that contributes to putting humans back at the center of concerns is good to take. AI is a support!”

On the employees’ side, the concerns are valid as “it is about adapting to a new reality,” acknowledges Luc Bretones. However, according to the leader, AI has positive aspects. This new work context will notably challenge entry-level profiles more, as “the simple tasks that were previously assigned to them will now be delegated to AI. At the beginning of their careers, the younger generations will use AI to perform more complex tasks more quickly and with greater added value,” he rejoices. For these two main reasons – time savings and increased interest in the tasks assigned – “AI is a real progress to emancipate managers, their teams, and more broadly all work actors. Provided that it is controlled and respects an acceptable ethics for companies,” concludes the head of the NextGen leadership training institute.

Betting on your team rather than complaining about your company is of crucial importance in the current professional context. On one hand, because you will not change the systemic functioning of your company in the short term, and on the other hand, because indeed, almost all of your problems can find a solution through your collective. Just consider that if, for example, all the company’s objectives are set centrally, it’s useless to lament this or to rehash it every day to your colleagues. It’s just an input data of the system of constraints imposed on you. Focus on everything else, and the rest is vast! Of course, if the system of constraints seems insurmountable, flee as fast as possible!

Via Courrier Cadres