Training Series "Walk The TALK" - #02 Become an active leader in a changing world

Masterclass programs led by international experts and business leaders to inspire and educate alongside those who have already taken action. An Alumni network to continue exchanges, share best practices, and the keys to success.

Training Objectives

Craft an applicable Purpose Statement ; Identify key principles of shared governance

Develop a plan for change management; Align leadership challenges with ability

Differentiate the attributes of a 3.0 leader; Define various decision-making approaches

Describe OKRs and their practical application

Training Information

No prequisites for this training

Targer audience: Managers and team members (both hierarchal and cross-functional relationships)

Assessment methods : Questionnaire

✓ Global pedagogical approcach

✓ Modalities

  • Knowledge transfer

  • Lectures

  • Presentation of examples and existing practices

  • Application exercises

  • Serious games

  • Quizzes
  • 10-hour journey alternating between inspirational sessions and practical workshops

  • Dedicated to all leaders on the path to the Next-Generation Enterprise.

  • Participants: min 7 – max 20

  • 6 masterclasses, 6 speakers

  • 10 hours, over 6 weeks

  • Modalities : 100% online
  • €1790 excluding tax per person.


✓ Module 1

✓ Module 2

✓ Module 3

My company's purpose: why and how?

“In recent years, the purpose has become a predominant topic in organizations. But what is it really? In this masterclass, Michel Bundock will enlighten you on what the purpose of companies is and that of your own, through interactive workshops and his experience as the leader of the Quebec Business Leaders’ Group.

With Michel Bundock
Advisor and facilitator, Leader of the Quebec Business Leaders’ Group from 2009 to 2021″

Reinvent the organization and governance of your company using the Holaspirit tool

In a complex and rapidly changing world, organizations must continuously adapt. Beyond methods and tools, adopting a new mindset, new postures, and an ‘agile at scale’ approach.

Philippe Pinault will share the key principles of shared governance and associated supports aimed at greater transparency and collaboration.

With Philippe Pinault
Co-founder and CEO, Holaspirit, Talkspirit

Understanding and succeeding in change

“Discover how to accelerate transformation and reduce barriers to change through new forms of interaction and engagement of people in the company. After presenting key concepts (Kotter, Rogers, Oshry…), and drawing on emblematic experiences, you will reflect on the implementation of new approaches around your own change challenges.

With Céline Schillinger
Founder and CEO of ‘We need social'”

✓ Module 4

✓ Module 5

✓ Module 6

Becoming agile in a VUCA world

Agile and agility pervade the discourse of major corporations aspiring to regain lost vitality. But what about other businesses? In this masterclass, we will delve into the mechanisms that, regardless of an organization’s size, enable adaptation to threats and the seizing of opportunities. Navigating collectively to maintain daily operational performance, without allowing team cohesion to disintegrate amid disruptions, encapsulates the agility challenges that we will address.

Featuring François Richer, General Director in Shared Governance at Enercoop Midi-Pyrénées and Agile coach.

Becoming a Leader 3.0

In the uncertain world that confronts us, the role of a leader is evolving. The GAFAMs have challenged a cornerstone of traditional management by questioning the relationship to time, space, power, and knowledge, prompting us to redefine the leader’s role in the enterprise. Through implementation examples, you will discover the common characteristics of organizations innovating in their leadership culture and how to approach this type of transition at the level of an entire organization.

Featuring Ludovic Cinquin, CEO of Octo Technology.

Decision-Making Process & OKRs

Prendre des décisions demeure fondamental et incontournable dans une entreprise comme dans toute organisation. Sans décision, rien n’est possible. Choisir c’est renoncer, dit-on ? Lors de cette session, nous vous proposons de faire le pari que, choisir, c’est aussi expérimenter et se donner la possibilité d’être plus agile dans la prise de décision. Nous évoquerons également les OKR (Objective & Key Results) qui permettent d’aligner la raison d’être de l’entreprise, ses activités et les équipes entre elles.

Avec Luc Bretones
Fondateur “The NextGen Enterprise”

The speakers


Advisor and Mentor, Leader of the Quebec Business Leaders' Group from 2009 to 2021

He has devoted his professional life to developing entrepreneurs in their creativity, boldness, suffering, and generosity, through the facilitation of hundreds of communities of practice. He was driven by the belief that entrepreneurs are at the heart of economic and social prosperity. This allowed him to deploy his skills as an explorer, coach, creator, and “servant leader”.

In his organization, the Quebec Business Leaders’ Group, Michel Bundock implemented, starting in 2016, a culture and structure that create a context of intrapreneurs serving better entrepreneurs. They have integrated practices from Holacracy and a “Teal” philosophy.

Philippe PINAULT

Co-founder and CEO, Holaspirit and Talkspirit

A French entrepreneur, Philippe has developed several businesses to support the digital transformation of organizations.

Among these is Talkspirit, a pioneer in corporate social networking since 2008. Talkspirit is one of the leading solutions to support key issues of communication and collaboration within organizations. Talkspirit helps organizations leverage their collective intelligence.

Holaspirit is a leading platform to support a new organizational design, collaborative and shared governance to help companies stay agile on a large scale. Passionate about new work methods, they bring, along with Olivier Ricard, CTO and co-founder of both startups, their talent and expertise to design and develop platforms that unleash the fullest potential of organizations.


Founder and CEO of "We need social"

Céline Schillinger is a pioneer in digital engagement and cultural transformation of organizations. Initially an intrapreneur, rewarded multiple times with international awards, she now puts her 30 years of field and multicultural experience to the benefit of the companies she advises. Céline is a Knight of the National Order of Merit for her commitment to diversity, and her book on engagement leadership will be released in spring 2022.

François Richer

CEO in Shared Governance at Enercoop Midi-Pyrénées and Agile Coach

François Richer, an engineer specialized in the management of large technical projects, Agile Coach, as well as an advocate for renewable energies and managerial innovation, merges his experiences into a very personal approach to the conditions that allow teams to discover the ingredients of intensive collaboration.

He has been a member of the management committee of Enercoop Midi-Pyrénées since its inception in 2015.


CEO of Octo Technology

After various experiences as a quality engineer at L’Oréal and within the Renault group, he co-founded Octo Technology with François Hisquin. In 2016, Octo Technology was acquired by Accenture for 115 million euros. The original vision of its leaders was to create a relaxed company where autonomy is paramount, a pioneering organization in agile methods. These are based on four principles: Developing information transparency, promoting autonomy, giving meaning to objectives, and the right to make mistakes. Team selection among colleagues is free, to let their creativity act. Managerial innovation is widely practiced and encouraged in an atmosphere of strong trust.

Luc Bretones

Founder "The NextGen Enterprise"

Luc Bretones is a partner at Mandarina group, organizer of the ‘The NextGen Enterprise Summit’, chairman of the board of Ecole Centrale Marseille, and honorary president of the digital think tank Institut G9+. He co-authored the book ‘The New Generation Enterprise’ with Philippe Pinault and Olivier Trannoy. The book focuses on leaders from 30 countries who have implemented new forms of governance, re-engaged their workforce around a unifying purpose, or experimented with major managerial innovation. An expert in product innovation, which he led for the Orange group for over six years, he now devotes himself to what he considers the next major disruption: new forms of management.

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