ABS day by NextGen

While agility and the principles of shared leadership are now gaining momentum around the world, only few large organizations have successfully adopted new ways of working at scale.

Distributed responsibility, self-organization, purpose-oriented work, transparency, and trust-based collaboration are all characteristics of successful next generation enterprises.

The road ahead is often bumpy, complex and filled with uncertainty. Agility at scale can at times be perceived as a new bureaucracy. In some instances, the successful introduction of new ways of working is tied to a leader, and can be lost at once following the leader’s departure. In the face of such outcomes, what is behind the idea of shared leadership and what does it look like in reality? More specifically: What concrete benefits can a large organization derive from it?

With this event we want to move from awareness to practice. Practitioners and pioneers committed to shared leadership will share their recipes for success as well as past experiences and expertise to avoid failures.

We invite you to join us for practical workshops, inspiring keynotes and artistic performances to become witnesses and ambassadors of the next generation enterprise.

Hosted by ABS, supported by NextGen

2024 June, 13th

Event in German, English and French

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Event in english and german

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Your speakers

International top executives, entrepreneurs, and authors curated for their innovative initiatives, backgrounds and experiences

Nicole Bardet

Alternative Bank Schweiz

Jean-Baptiste delrieu

Ex Décathlon


Susanne Aebischer

Co-Founder NextGen Summit

Luc Bretones

Co-Founder NextGen

Sabrina Schell

Berner Fachhochschule BFH

Andrea Hofmann

WKS Bern

Jonathan Abplanalp


Samuel Mischler


Serge Bärtschi


Petra Senne


Amaury Hugon


Usarat Tuaichaona


Philippe Pinault


SELENA Hernandez

Toulouse school of Management

Benoit Pointet


Christophe BARMAN


Irene Baumann

Zentroom Coworking

Martina SIMON



Business With Meaning

Christos Kornaros


Claire-Lise Rimaz


Fabien Clément


Désirée Jaeger


Dominik Stankowski


Felix Rechberger


Cristina Riesen

Purpose Driven Innovation

Harry Witzthum

Caritas Schweiz

Frank Klinkhammer


Eleonora Weistroffer


Patrick Scheuerer


Alice Groen


Lea Trogrlic

SP Schweiz

Aliocha Iordanoff


Anja Hofmann

Deutsche Bildung

Pascal Dulex

Transformation Architects

Franziska Raglewski

OEIA / Diversity Port

Laurent Prodon

ex Liip

Michael Schläppi

Nexplore AG

Angela Tschumi

Nexplore AG

Philippe Streit

Nexplore AG

Nicolas Worni


Daniel Sigrist

ex Swisscom / Organisationsberatung

Nicolas Worni


Daniel Sigrist

ex Swisscom / Organisationsberatung

Philippe Streit

Nexplore AG

Why should you attend?

A complete and diverse balance of workshops, keynotes, collective intelligence and artistic formats, lead by international pioneers and experts of shared governance and leadership for a 1.5-day pioneering global experience


Interact with professionals in various fields to provide refreshingly different insights and help educate you on areas outside of yours that may still be relevant to you.


These sessions are hosted by international practitioners and experts on shared governance. Attendees interact with the moderator and the group.

Plenary sessions

Stay tuned and get inspired by testimonies from world leaders and speakers who made the change happen in different ways.

Artistic performances

The summit always alternates between rational moments and moments geared towards the right side of the brain.

Open space forum

These sessions are dedicated to the expression of collective intelligence and the response to the participants' main priorities and questions.


The entirety of the interventions are recorded and available in replay for several months after the event.

Questions & answers

Registration is by invitation only. Please email our events team to ask for your invitation: hello@nextgen.how 

Registration is by invitation only. Please email our events team to ask for your invitation: hello@nextgen.how 

The deadline for registration is on Monday, June 13th. Ticket sales are subject to availability.

This event is in person only.

We will only record the keynote presentations in the auditorium during the event. The recording will be made available on various channels after the event (to be announced).

There is a locker room at the event’s entrance.

No, registration is only open prior to the event on the dedicated website.

Yes, there is a handicapped accessible entrance

Contact the organization team