Training Series "Walk The TALK" #1 Developing a High Performing Team Culture


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Training Objectives

Create performance by leveraging best management and team practices

Contribute to the team's functioning for sustainable and systemic growth

Address the new challenges of hybrid work, remote work, individual and team expectations.

Apply development tools at the core of the team's activities in a continuous improvement framework

Training Information

No prerequisites for this training

Target audience: Managers and team members (both hierarchical and cross-functional relationships)

Assessment methods: quizzes and exercise submissions

✓ Comprehensive Pedagogical Approach

✓ Modalities

  • Scientific Diagnosis

  • Knowledge Transfer

  • Question-and-Answer Sessions

  • Presentations

  • Presentation of Examples and Existing Practices

  • Application Exercises and Serious Games
  • Remote Briefing

  • 1.5 hours of Remote Managerial Debriefing

  • 10.5 hours of Collective Debriefing and Improvement Workshops in-person at the company’s premises

  • Virtual connection if physical presence is not possible

    • Room prerequisites: an accessible, well-lit room with chairs arranged in a circle, a projector, one or two whiteboards, tables for working in subgroups

  • Group size: 4 to a maximum of 20 people, Intra-company

  • 1 coach for a maximum of 8 people and 3 coaches for 20 people

  • 10 to 15 sessions over one month

  • Follow-up/support over 2 weeks before and after the training

  • Price: Contact us

✓ Duration and Schedule

12 hours of training: 1.5 hours of managerial debriefing via video with the manager and 10.5 hours in-person with the team members and the manager.

  • 7 days before: Video briefing of the teams on the approach, schedule, and expectations.
  • Day of training: Sending of questionnaires.
  • 10 days after: Debriefing of the questionnaire results filled out by the team, conducted by the trainer (1.5 hours) with the manager.
  • 17 days after: Collective support divided into 2 parts (total of 1.5 days, i.e., 10.5 hours), conducted by the trainer with the team, including the manager:
    • Workshop for analyzing the team’s results and launching the improvement action plan. The action plan will be based on best practices and existing company initiatives.
    • Collective intelligence workshops based on the team’s results, aimed at aligning with the team’s working methods, experimenting with different practices, and agreeing on the next steps and appropriate action plans.
    • Individual evaluation.
  • 18 days after: Sending of the NPS questionnaire and sharing of resources.

Typical Schedule over approximately 1 month:

TRAINING Program "Developing a High-Performing Team Culture "


We believe that the primary source of productivity for companies lies within their teams, in the quality of interactions and interdependencies. The team is the right level of analysis for performance and well-being because no one works in isolation anymore! We rely on a well-established algorithm and scientific diagnosis used by over 2000 teams to measure the starting point and assist the team in building its own improvement plan.

NextGen is the exclusive platinum partner of OpenDecide, a member of its board of directors, and advises on its international deployment strategy, among other roles. Our trainers use OpenDecide with numerous teams and leaders, enabling them to analyze and interpret the results accurately and insightfully (without misinterpretation). Furthermore, all our trainers have at least ten years of experience in management or advising managers in businesses. They are also experts in managerial innovation and benchmarking the best working methods. This experience enables them to offer teams and managers the best training and advice in their quest for performance improvement.

A high level of ethics and sharing is embodied through NextGen's values: authenticity, innovation, simplicity, and excellence.

D-Day: Collecting and aggregating, in 20 minutes (per person), your team's expectations remotely on the internet.

The scientific tool OpenDecide helps us quickly gather your team’s expectations based on the latest research on team performance.

The scientific questionnaire, stemming from French management research (University of Toulouse and EM Lyon), is:

  1. ANONYMOUS: Sending an anonymous questionnaire to all team members (including the manager).
  2. SCIENTIFIC: Questionnaire based on the latest research, designed and updated in collaboration with the scientific community.
  3. SECURE & ANONYMOUS: Anonymous responses without verbatim.
  4. FAST & INCLUSIVE: Quick response time of 15 to 20 minutes and inclusive (no interpersonal judgment as it focuses on collective functioning).

Analysis of the gap between the current functioning and the one desired by the team:

The measurement of team functioning performance is based on robust scientific studies.

J+10: Debriefing of the team's questionnaire results conducted by the trainer (1.5 hours) with the manager.

Objective: Illuminate the blind spots in managerial vision and identify areas for improvement for both the manager and the team. Steps to follow:

1. Inclusion Round: Each individual introduces themselves to the others and expresses any expectations they may have.
2. Explain the purpose of the process: Improving the team’s functioning, maintaining confidentiality, for the team’s benefit only.

  1. What it is not: a ranking, an evaluation…
    Suggest using informal “you” (tu) language.
    Give the manager the floor with the question, “If you had to quickly outline your team’s profile and its main characteristics, what would you say?”
    Debrief the results in a positive manner: an improvement process. Listen to reactions, and if they are not spontaneous, provoke them. What do you think about certain disparities, perception levels, etc.?
    Summarize the main points to remember in 3 minutes.
    Closure: What is the manager’s feedback? What are the priorities to address at this stage according to the manager?

J+17: Collective support divided into 2 parts (total of 1.5 days, i.e., 10.5 hours) conducted by the trainer with the team, including the manager.

Seminar or debrief sequences of the team’s results and launch of the transformation project.
For each team, 1 and a half days of training and collective intelligence are planned to align with the purpose, experiment with new practices, adapted to the team’s challenges, and agree on the objectives. of the team and design the next steps. Each team leaves the seminar with learning of the constituent elements of team effectiveness as well as a clear vision of the action plan.


Each seminar or sequence of collective sequences is prepared in advance with the team manager, then with the team, based on the results of OpenDecide. These moments are therefore tailor-made according to the needs of each team.

Sessions to acquire new skills and methods, improve existing practices, resolve major problems for the effectiveness of the team, serious games can be used to help participants understand and experience forms of management where autonomy is combined with responsibility.

Calculation method: Net Promoter Score = % promoters - % detractors.

Calculation = average ratings to the tenth on a scale of 0 to 5.

Satisfaction on 3 items:

  • Overall evaluation,
  • Facilitation,
  • Organization

✓ Registration date:

Registration is open year-round for teams with no deadline

✓ Timing:

Evaluation takes place in the week following the training

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