Masterclass Metaverse and the Future of Work

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Training Objectives

Defining shared governance

Distinguish the different governance

Choose the governance suited to the organization

Training information

No prerequisites for this training

Target audience: Managers and team members (both hierarchical and cross-functional relationships)

Evaluation Methods: Quiz

✓ Global pedagogical approach

✓ Modalities

  • Knowledge transfer
  • Collaboration workshop
  • Question and answer sessions
  • Metaverse application exercises
  • 3-hour masterclass, including a practical immersion workshop
  • 2 speakers
  • 3 hours (on half a day)
  • Prerequisites: none
  • Dates available on request
  • Format: In-person
  • Registration deadline: D-1 before the session, subject to availability
  • Dedicated to all leaders wishing to grow their teams through empowerment in the service of sustainable performance.
  • €2,000 excluding taxes / company*Participants minimum 2 – maximum 15 * Up to 5 learners per company


✓ Ice-breaker

Ice-breaker Roundtable and expectations

✓ Metaverse: Between Buzzword and Reality

Synthesis of current definitions of the metaverse concept and rationalization ; Demonstration and examples

✓ Metaverse Challenges

Exploration of key elements of a metaverse and impacts: collaboration, identity, social, economic, playful, psychological, accessibility

✓ Technological Concepts

What defines a metaverse, and what technologies are used?

✓ Uses of the Past, Present, and Future

Retrospective and prospective on metaverse uses (immersive or AR), Focus on uses in business

✓ Demos, AR, VR, XR:

Opportunity for participants to try some metaverse-type experiences in compliance with health guidelines ; Demonstrations will be broadcast on a projector to allow all participants to follow the experience.

✓ Focus on uses in business and barrier

Interoperability, Accessibility, Availability, Multi-devices, Ecological impact, Walled garden vs. Openness

✓ Workshop: How do you see the metaverse entering your space?

Interactive workshop on short and medium-term relevant uses and opportunities and intrinsic barriers

✓ conclusion

Conclusion and Questions/Answers

✓ Tools and Methods

Virtual reality headsets (such as Oculus Quest). Alternatively, NextGen will either be able to provide some headsets or reproduce the experience on a screen, allowing everyone to follow the experimentation.

The Co-organizers

Vincent Guigui

Head of Augmented Reality at OCTO Technology

In charge of the Innovative Interactions division at OCTO Technology, Vincent contributes to the development of new interactions between the user and the information system (B2C / B2E). A speaker on innovation and natural user interfaces, he discusses immersive experiences (VR/AR/MR), conversational interfaces (Bot), and the potential future of user interfaces…

In the past, he designed several prototypes of innovative interfaces using Kinect, which led him to create the Kinect Genius Bar (Kinect developers’ community) and co-found the “Natural User Interface Day” conference ( Since 2013, he has been recognized by Microsoft as one of the top European experts on Kinect and natural user interfaces (Most Valuable Professional award). Since 2015, his MVP trophy has been extended to emerging experiences and AI to include all more personal computing technologies (HoloLens, Bot, Speech, Ink, Gaze, Identity/Biometrics, Spatial awareness) and cognitive technologies like NLU and NLP.

Luc Bretones

Founder and CEO of NextGen

Luc Bretones is a partner at the Mandarina group, organizer of “The NextGen Enterprise Summit” event, chairman of the board of directors of Ecole Centrale Marseille, and honorary president of the digital think tank Institut G9+. He is the co-author with Philippe Pinault and Olivier Trannoy of the book “L’Entreprise de Nouvelle Génération,” which focuses on leaders from 30 countries who have implemented new forms of governance, reengaged their workforce around a unifying purpose, or experimented with major managerial innovation. An expert in product innovation, which he directed for the Orange group for more than 6 years, he now dedicates himself to what he considers the next big disruption: new forms of management.

To register for one of the 3 sessions, Contact Sophie!

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