Managers: 4 tips for speeches that positively influence your team
Discover how to transform your speeches into tools of positive influence with our 4 practical tips. Whether you're an experienced manager or a beginner, learn to captivate your team, prepare effectively, communicate clearly, and encourage collective participation. Inspire and motivate your team like a pro, without falling into clichés.
Facing criticism: The new essential skill for managers?
In 2024, managerial roles encompass far more than just team management. They now carry significant responsibilities and high expectations, often attracting sharp criticism. Is the ability to handle these pressures and confront them becoming a crucial skill for increasingly complex managerial roles?
HR: How to Make Skills the Foundation of Your Organization?
In 2024, organizations will be based on skills, or they will not exist at all. This is essentially the belief of many leaders worldwide who see this model as a way to support societal transformation by promoting adaptability, equal opportunities, and diversity, at a time when automation and the reduction...
What the Historic Peaks of Absenteeism and Disengagement in France Reveals
This article emphasizes the significance of team dynamics in overcoming organizational challenges, advocating for a supportive, balanced, and safe team environment. Highlighting the importance of meeting team members' needs such as competence and autonomy, it argues that enhancing motivation and performance leads to a more resilient and adaptable organization.
Introduction – Mapping of adaptive organizations, agile structures, or shared governance
In an ever-evolving economic and social landscape, industrial enterprises, service providers, associations, and foundations face unprecedented challenges in management and organization. These challenges call for a renewal of governance models and managerial practices. The contemporary observation of the obsolescence of traditional management models marks the beginning of an era of...
Why managerial transformations crash against paradoxical injunctions?
Uncover the conflict between traditional leadership and the growing desire for collaboration, leading to a paradoxical mandate that erodes trust. The article offers practical insights on decentralizing power, promoting autonomy, and adopting an entrepreneurial spirit. Explore the keys to successful organizational change and a gain in collective performance. A must-read...