Ruth Andrade

Manages the sustainability strategy for the cosmetics brand Lush in the UK and Europe. at

The other day someone asked me what my profession was. It took me a while to respond.  My main interest is in how we can build and energise networks which will create a safe bridge between our dying industrial growth culture and a new culture that can sustain complex life on the planet. With that in mind, I give my time to designing, developing, testing and learning strategies, patterns, worldviews that can support this new flourishing culture. Currently the place of most potential where I can express my purpose is at Lush Cosmetics where I am part of the team driving forward our commitments to leaving the world lusher than we found it. My passion is in creating win-win-win connections that develop the self, build community and are in service to planetary regeneration. I have helped catalyse and energise a few networks that aim to take regenerative practices into different fields of human endeavour. Over the years, I’ve favoured learning and practicing living systems based social and ecological technologies, from Permaculture to Sociocracy and dream of the day our systems designed by human nature are closer to those evolved in the wild.  I believe we have a unique opportunity right now to own our role as humanity on the planet, and become life creating conditions conducive to life.