Training series - #04 Develop an autonomous and responsible team

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Training Objectives

Define what a purpose is

Define what a role is and what one's own roles are

Define what an OKR is and create a preliminary OKR for the team

Practice and receive the fundamentals of positive and improvement feedback

Master the fundamentals of triage meetings and governance meetings

Training information

No prerequisites for this training

Target audience: Managers and team members (both hierarchical and cross-functional relationships)

Evaluation Methods: quizzes, exercise submissions

✓ Global pedagogical approach

✓ Modalities

  • Contribution of Knowledge
  • Question-and-answer session
  • Presentations
  • Application exercises
  • Serious game
  • A 13-hour program alternating between inspirational sessions and practical workshops
  • Dedicated to all leaders wishing to grow their teams through empowerment in the service of sustainable performance.
  • Participants minimum 6 – maximum 16
  • 6 masterclasses, 3 speakers
  • 13 hours, over 5 weeks
  • Modalities : 100% online
  • 1890 excluding tax per person


✓ Module 1

✓ Module 2

✓ Module 3

Clarify its purpose

What is a (good) Purpose? What does it serve for me? How is it useful for my organization? Does my company have a Purpose? Is it explicit and shared? And my team, does it also have a Purpose? How to establish and then share our Purpose?

This Masterclass addresses each of these questions, clarifies the terms for you, and then questions you to bring you closer to yourself. Finally, in interaction, you take ownership of two easy-to-implement methods. The first one is individual. The second one is collective.

with Bastoun Talec
Partenaire d’HappyWork

Mapping roles

Employees do not consult their job descriptions or the organizational chart. They have little contact with what they are supposed to do and have only a vague idea of what the company expects from others. This opacity hinders operational and decision-making flows.

In this module, you will approach a very new way of defining professional roles and learn a method to redesign them for yourself and with your teams. This exercise provides participants with immense clarity and opens up the potential for future developments: sketching professional paths, energizing multiple roles, changing them…

with Bastoun Talec
Partenaire d’HappyWork

Knowing how to prioritize with the help of OKRs.

If ‘the priority of priorities is to prioritize’ (Stephen Covey), how to align priorities in the organization? OKRs provide a framework for thinking AND offer a collective practice aimed at focusing efforts on measurable and adjustable achievements. Discover the OKR (Objectives and Key Results) system initiated by Intel, popularized by Google, and begin to make them your own, on your scale; that is the aim of this session.

with Graffi Rathamohan & Bastoun Talec
CEO of PNY Burger andPartner of HappyWork

✓ Module 4

✓ Module 5

✓ Module 6

The art of feed-back

Discover or rediscover why and how feedback can be a powerful tool for personal and collective effectiveness development. Understand the right approach, both for giving and receiving feedback, and practice with participants on simple situations. A key to healthy interpersonal dynamics in organizations, the art of feedback is learned and practiced daily.

with Isabelle Rappart
Partner of HappyWork

Renewing operational meetings

Drawing inspiration from the most advanced management systems to enhance the comfort and effectiveness of team meetings. Participants are assigned roles in a fictional organization and experience a ‘new generation’ operational meeting”. Synchronize the team and address the points brought by each team member: learn how a regulated process leads to more cooperation and collective efficiency. Each participant leaves with immediately usable tools.

with Isabelle Rappart ou Bastoun Talec
Partner of HappyWork

Organizing collectively

How to organize autonomously within a team? How to adjust each person’s roles to streamline the organization? How to bring clarity to everyone’s authorities? This module addresses this question, with a simulation exercise of a meeting where participants experience the zero objection decision-making mode. Go beyond consensus for greater collective effectiveness.

with Isabelle Rappart ou Bastoun Talec
Partner of HappyWork

The co-hosts

Bastoun Talec

Sculptor of Why, coach in organizational development at HappyWork

After 7 years in the agro-industry, internationally, Bastoun TALEC co-founded and led CSUPER!, the first alternative communication agency in France, and then invented aligned communication® in ‘his’ second consulting agency. Heavily engaged in the concepts of the agile/learning organization, in 2016, he became a guide in Holacracy, an organizational development facilitator at HappyWork, which means “joy at work”.
His role is to evolve the work. He particularly aims to contribute to making teams autonomous and responsible, convinced that future assets will no longer come to work in the organizations of the future but to fulfill the mission AND fulfill themselves.
As a Sculptor of Why, he clarifies the purposes at the organizational, collective, and individual levels. He facilitates various collaborative moments, writes in the Dirigeant magazine, co-organizes and hosts the Holacracy Meetup, an interest community that brings together 1,600 members.

Isabelle Rappart

Coach in organizational development, Founder of HappyWork

Isabelle founded HappyWork after experiencing agile governance in circles, implemented in her first company, Climat Mundi, in 2013. The results of this innovative organizational mode amazed her and convinced her that agility and the performance of a company will increasingly combine with the autonomy and well-being of employees. Isabelle now dedicates herself to the dissemination of these new management systems.
Certified Holacracy Coach since 2016, she is also an executive coach, certified by the MHD school, and a certified Process Communication coach. In addition, trained in Nonviolent Communication and collective intelligence tools, she uses these approaches in her interventions to help her clients manage complex situations more effectively.
She co-founded the Holacracy Meetup group, a community of 1600 members, and regularly co-organizes events by inviting leaders who are changing managerial boundaries.

Graffi Rathamohan

Co-founder of the PNY Burgers restaurants

Graffi is a co-founder of the PNY Burgers restaurants, which employ more than 250 people and has been implementing OKRs within its chain for the past 2 years. Passionate about gastronomy, she embarked on the PNY adventure about a decade ago with the firm belief that it was possible to do things right, even with the burger, an emblem of junk food. Do things right on the plate, for the staff, for the decor, for our impact.

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