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Q4 2021 issue

How is the pandemic changing our managerial model? How far can the flexibilization of working time go? How do managers anticipate the hybridization of the workplace? Do we need to reinvent talent management?

This first barometer synthesizes the best global studies on the future of work, exclusive findings from "NextGen" analysis and exclusive research.

“Thanks to Olivia Grégoire, Ministry for social economy for her support and her launching editorial.”


Our first issue interviewed more than 1,000 French and European employees and leaders, synthesized unpublished operational research results, especially via the two-year study leaded by OpenDecide researchers, and compiled the major findings of the latest global studies on the subjects of new forms of governance and purpose-driven organizations.

Key points to remember

Negotiating the crisis

95% of executives declare they need to improve their crisis management abilities.
70% of companies want to invest for better resilience.

Hybrid work

Global studies converge on the optimum of hybrid work for employees. 83% according to Accenture.

Flexibility of Working Time

Employees are aspiring to be given more flexibility in terms of when, where and how long they work. According to Gartner, organizations moving in this direction see 55% of their employees become high performers.

Performance gains

According to Microsoft, the productivity among French companies increased by 74% in Q3 2020, thanks to reduced commuting times, flexible working hours and the introduction of virtual collaborative tools.

Attrition rate

The pandemic crisis has caused a shock, resulting in deep awareness and a reconsideration of the meaning of work. In the absence of flexibility, 25% of workers will be considering a change of employer.

2D / 3D Remote Work Arrangement

45% of employees are leaning towards 3D vs. 2D on average for companies. A balance should be established depending on the professions, the company’s culture and the teams’ level of collective intelligence development.

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