Reshaping work life for sustainable performance

Inspire leadership, Experiment change, Unleash potentials

Your gateway to a value-creating organization

From awareness to implementation, we prepare your leaders to adapt to a complex and uncertain world through more agile organizations and innovative managerial practices, more socially and environmentally responsible

We believe in the strength of a collective committed to an authentic purpose, concerned with combining fulfillment at work, positive impact and collective performance

Culture and value

Transcending time, people and organizations around a collective experience that brings value to all involved parties

Purpose focused organization

Balancing growth and the common good for sustainable performance

Agility at scale

Successfully scaling up with agile methods and mindset


Managing complexity and speed of transformation through new forms of governance


Reinventing business models that take into account planetary limits and social, societal and environmental issues

What can we do for you?

Your organization or team probably needs to become more innovative, competitive, agile, and better at change

The NextGen Experience

Preparing your organization and leaders to embrace business and human challenges in times of uncertainty and complexity.
As your trusted Leadership Development partner, we co-design events, content, managerial diagnostics and interventions

NextGen Academy

A unique collection of masterclass series to learn, deepen and practice

NextGen Summits

Local and international events to be inspired, share and meet those who have made transformations happen

NextGen Leaders Club

The broadest community and the richest catalog of NextGen content

NextGen For You

Our expertise in response to your specific needs and challenges

Why we make the difference?

Quapropter a natura mihi videtur potius quam ab indigentia orta amicitia

They trust us

They talk about us

They talk about us

Nextgen Events

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