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[Workshop] – Turning teal:Deconstructing power towards a compassionate understanding of others in the workplace with Timm Urschinger and Chrysavgi Sklaveniti

17 November 2022 @ 2:55 pm - 4:25 pm

In the seeking of direction in an ever-changing world, next generation enterprises battle for human nature. It is a battle over whether to continue understanding ourselves as powerful machines, driven by environmental forces, or as sensuous beings, driven by our experiences and consciously eager to drive our actions. During this workshop, we will inquire into the consequences of such beliefs on organisational life and place teal conceptions under examination. If teal is to fulfill its promise of humanising the workplace and sustain its most basic concerns – including its ethical consciousness and its inclusive orientation – systemic deployment across organisations is the ask. During reflective and experiential deep dives, we will explore a teal concept of the individual and along with it, fresh forms of organising work realities. Our aim is to move beyond the role of power towards collaborative concepts, which we see bring about a significant flourishing of individuals and organisations. We invite you to join us in this workshop as we take down and reconstruct fundamental basics of organisational life at this historical juncture towards a compassionate understanding of others in the workplace.