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NextGen Summer Camp

Holaspirit NextGen White Paper – Which software tools are a must-have for the Next Generation enterprise?

This white paper explores the dynamic relationship between digital tools and corporate culture, highlighting how these tools can both shape and be shaped by organizational values and practices.

ABS day by NextGen

Join us at our upcoming event to explore the impact of agility and collaborative leadership in large organizations. This event will feature insights from seasoned leaders who have successfully implemented these approaches, providing you with valuable strategies to enhance your own organization's effectiveness. Management style!

Mastering Artificial Intelligence in Business: Tools and Strategies

nextgen next generation enterprise luc bretone

Holaspririt NextGen white paper – Mapping of adaptive, agile, or shared governance organizations

In an ever-evolving economic and social landscape, industrial enterprises, service providers, associations, and foundations face unprecedented challenges in management and organization. These challenges call for a renewal of governance models and managerial practices. The contemporary observation of the obsolescence of traditional management models marks the beginning of an era of profound transformation, where flexibility and adaptability become strategic imperatives.