Training Series "Walk The TALK" - #02 Diving into self-organization and shared authority

With our series of masterclasses, taught by international leaders and pioneers, learn from those who have already taken action, while connecting with a large community of alumni.

Training Objectives

Defining shared governance

Distinguish the different governance

Choose the governance suited to the organization

Training information

No prerequisites for this training

Target audience: Managers and team members (both hierarchical and cross-functional relationships)

Evaluation Methods: exercise report

✓ Global pedagogical approach

✓ Modalities

  • Knowledge contributions
  • Questions and answers
  • Presentations
  • Presentation of examples and existing practices
  • Application exercises
  • A 15-hours program alternating between inspirational sessions and practical workshops
  • Dedicated to all leaders wishing to grow their teams through empowerment in the service of sustainable performance.
  • Participants minimum 7- maximum 15
  • 8 masterclasses, 7 experts
  • 15 hours, over 8 weeks
  • Modalities : 100% online
  • 1890 excluding tax per person


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Self-organization and shared authority -The spirit

The revolutionary book of Frederic Laloux, “Reinventing Organizations”, described the foundation of Teal companies: self-organization, wholeness and evolutionary purpose.To evolve towards Teal and New Work, there are cultural prerequisites that must be established and cultivated in your organization such as transparency, trust and autonomy. 
Admittedly, this all sounds abstract at first. We will talk about some organizational theory and discuss how you can assess the level of development in your own organization in order to find out which method, patterns and tools could fit the transformation steps you would like to initiate. 

With Susanne Aebischer
Co-Founder of The NextGen Summit, CEO at OEIA Organizational development & Innovations architecture

Introduction to Sociocracy

Sociocracy, the wider umbrella of the Sociocratic Circle Method first implemented in the 1980ies, has grown in popularity over the years and in particular in the last 3-5 years. It has served as the basis for many other systems and can be combined with a multitude of other frameworks.

Its basic design principles help organizations straddle collective leadership in circles and individual empowerment in roles. Teams can increase their listening and quality of conversation with rounds and consent decision-making and move with more clarity, intentionality, and flexibility in their experimentation and learning. 

With Ted J. Rau
Co-founder at Sociocracy for all

Sociocracy 3.0 - A Social Technology for effective, resilient and human organizations

Sociocracy 3.0 – or S3 in short – is a collection of 70+ practical techniques and patterns around self-organisation, participatory decision-making, adaptive organisational structures and continuous learning. These patterns and techniques are supported and enforced by a set of strong, guiding principles that help you to develop a truly agile culture. Get introduced to S3 in this session, so you know whether and how to start applying it in your teams or organisation. You’ll learn about the principles and take away some of the principal techniques to get started with.

With Jef Cumps
Author of “Sociocracy 3.0 – The novel”, co-founder of iLean

Introduction to Organic Organization (O2)

Organic Organizations (O2) is a social technology that helps organizations become more adaptive, self-organized and purpose-centered. It is composed of a set of essential rules, its “Meta-Agreements”, plus a library of constantly evolving organizational patterns. In this masterclass we will present an overview of O2 and offer a short simulation to experience one of the iterations for processing tensions. By the end of the masterclass, participants will be provided with clear pathways on how to further an independent exploration and study of O2, using our online resources and materials. 

With Tanya Stergiou
Partner at Target Teal

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Beta Codex: Organize for complexity

If we want to bring more NextGen organizations into the world, then a twofold shift is required: First, a profound shift in our conception of how organizations should function. Secondly, a re-orientation in our approach to change and transformation: Away from notions of change management, and towards fast organizational transformation, together with all the willing. There will be no use of PowerPoint in this session.

With Niels Pflaeging
Founder of BetaCodex Network

Holacracy® A Template For Evolutionary Organizations

Holacracy® is an alternative operating system for your organization that leverages the distribution of authority and decision-making on a peer-to-peer basis to boost engagement and agility. Its structures and processes bring clarity to your organization, as well as practices for improving your meetings and clear pathways for resolving tensions. 

With Dennis Wittrock
Holacracy® Coach, Integral Pioneer, and Author

The meaning of agile organization structure

In dynamic organizations, transparent information flow empowers each team member to contribute to the most important areas in the company. In this workshop, Kadri Pirn will explain how to implement dynamic structure for flexible prioritization and planning while keeping the classical organizational arrangement, based on Pipedrive’s experience and will introduce activities for encouraging participants to think how to start benefiting from such a structure in their own organization.

With Kadri Pirn
Head Of Software Engineering, Communication at Pipedrive

From conscious to concrete

We will take some time together to reflect and discuss where to place on the map of New Work the different methods, tools and patterns that you have discovered during the Master Classes
What are ways to initiate evolution and take the first concrete steps while avoiding common pitfalls in organizational transformation?  Keeping in mind that we are living in a complex, fast changing world.
In  how to start benefiting from such a structure in their own organization.

With Susanne Aebischer
Co-Founder of The NextGen Summit. CEO at OEIA Organizational development & Innovations architecture

Susanne Aebischer

Master in Organizational Development, Coaching and Supervision - Co-founder at The NextGen Enterprise Summit and CEO at OEIA (Organizational development & Innovations architecture)

Since 1999, Susanne has been working in the field of training, leadership and organisational development in the airline industry and the public transport sector, where for many years Susan was head of training  ground staff of Swiss International Air Lines Ltd.
Today, she has been supporting organisations to move towards an agile mindset in a systemic and iterative approach with her company “Aebischer Organisationsentwicklung & Innovationsarchitektur” for 9 years. She promotes the practices of shared governance, sociocracy 3.0, Holacracy, collective intelligence, continuous improvement and NewWork.
For the past 9 years she has been a Member of Parliament for the State of Fribourg

Ted J. Rau

Co-founder at Sociocracy for all

Ted J. Rau is a trainer and coach for sociocracy. He is the co-founder of Sociocracy For All, a nonprofit that makes decentralized, consent-based governance accessible to everyone. He and his five children live in a co-housing community in Massachusetts with 80 neighbors. Ted identifies as transgender; he was born and raised in Germany with a background in linguistics. Ted loves systems that help us be our better selves and that lead us closer to a world that works for everyone. The early forming of a new group is a crucial moment. With intentional processes, we can establish an inclusive group culture early on to grow and flourish without governance troubles getting in the way – keeping our eyes on our shared purpose.

Jef Cumps

Author of "Sociocracy 3.0 - The novel", co-founder of iLean

Jef Cumps is the author of “Sociocracy 3.0 – The novel”, the co-founder of iLean and a very experienced teacher and coach supporting all kinds of organizations in their transition towards more agility. He has been working with many teams, managers and leaders to help them facilitate (organizational) change, embrace, self organization and effectively getting things done in a human way.

Tanya Stergiou

Partner at Target Teal

Tanya is an organizational designer and facilitator, who provokes people to question power structures, challenge old patterns and sense into new ones.
She uses Organic Organization, Dragon Dreaming, Action Learning and Relational Modes to help organizations adopt evolutionary and self-managing systems that are more responsive, collaborative and inclusive.
She is a partner at Target Teal, a network of consultants dedicated to experimenting new forms of being in and at work and she is co-founder of Sociocracia Brasil.
She loves being in nature, organizing cooking rituals and spending time with her family.

Niels Pflaeging

Founder of BetaCodex Network

Niels Pflaeging has dedicated two decades of research, community work and practice to the issue of how to overcome command-and-control organization, for good. He was a pioneer of the Beyond Budgeting movement, and went on to create the BetaCodex community, along with a wide array of practical approaches, such as Change-as-Flipping, Org Physics, Cell Structure Design, OpenSpace Beta and Relative Targets. In this highly interactive masterclass, Niels will discuss with us how any organization can become sustainably more successful and fit for human beings, by moving beyond centralized steering. Expect to be surprised, inspired, and invited to reflect both practice and theory of agile work, performance systems, organizational design and change! 

Dennis Wittrock

Holacracy Coach, Integral Pioneer, and Author

Dennis Wittrock, M.A. is a certified Holacracy® Coach at Xpreneurs. He also fills some roles at, a consulting company powered by Holacracy which is creating legal, social, and financial foundations for self-organization. Previously, he worked as an internal coach and trainer at the intersection of seven parallel Holacracy adoptions in the company network of Hypoport, a German fin-tech company with 2.000 employees. Together with his colleagues, he pioneered new ways of teaching the practice. Dennis holds an M.A. degree in philosophy from Bremen University and lives in Germany.

Kadri Pirn

Head Of Software Engineering, Communication at Pipedrive

Kadri is the Head of Software Engineering at Pipedrive responsible for software delivery, process improvement, cross-company project management, and team management. As a dynamical organizational structures enthusiast, she has been leading transformation programs for supporting team collaboration, innovation, motivation, and goal-oriented culture. One of her latest projects at Pipedrive includes transforming teams to mission teams and enabling Pipedrive to be agile on organisation de facto while keeping classical structure de jure. As a leader, she supports individual growth and is a big fan of empowering the team. Her leadership style includes elements from Management 3.0 and Sociocracy 3.0

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