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NextGen certified coaches, trainers, and consultants meet four major requirements:
  • At least 15 years of experience in leadership and team management,
  • A proven and in-depth understanding of shared governance and new forms of management,
  • Attainment of the highest certifications and diplomas in the fields of management, leadership, and social and environmental impact,
  • A high ethical standard and a commitment to NextGen values (Authenticity, Innovation, Simplicity, Letting go, Excellence).
luc bretones

Luc Bretones



Susanne Aebischer

Co-Founder NextGen Summit


Training Manager & Executive coach

Capucine Velé - NextGen

Capucine Velé

Digital marketing and communication

Lilian Girardot

Quality and Disability Manager

Jeanne Tsiverisa

Digital development

Jean-Baptiste Delrieu

Certified NextGen Coach

Christine de La Croix

Certified NextGen Coach

Véronique Martin

Certified NextGen Coach

Sandra Benoit

Certified NextGen Coach

Franziska Raglewski

Certified NextGen Coach – Germany

Samara Mrabti

Certified NextGen Coach – Switzerland & Germany

Selena Henandez

Researcher – Shared Governance

Véronique Martin

Certified NextGen Coach

Véronique Martin

Certified NextGen Coach

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