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NextGen certified coaches, trainers, and consultants meet four major requirements:
  • At least 15 years of experience in leadership and team management,
  • A proven and in-depth understanding of shared governance and new forms of management,
  • Attainment of the highest certifications and diplomas in the fields of management, leadership, and social and environmental impact,
  • A high ethical standard and a commitment to NextGen values (Authenticity, Innovation, Simplicity, Letting go, Excellence).
luc bretones

Luc Bretones



Susanne Aebischer

Co-Founder NextGen Summit


Training Manager & Executive coach

Capucine Velé - NextGen

Capucine Velé

Digital marketing and communication

Lilian Girardot

Quality and Disability Manager

Jeanne Tsiverisa

Digital development

Jean-Baptiste Delrieu

Certified NextGen Coach

Christine de La Croix

Certified NextGen Coach

Véronique Martin

Certified NextGen Coach

Sandra Benoit

Certified NextGen Coach

Yvane Piolet

Certified NextGen Coach

Franziska Raglewski

Certified NextGen Coach – Germany

Samara Mrabti

Certified NextGen Coach – Switzerland & Germany

Selena Henandez

Researcher – Shared Governance

Véronique Martin

Certified NextGen Coach

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