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[Keynote] Welser Profile: a mid-size company reinvents itself based on the holacratic principles by Nicolas Longin – Live Translation

18 November 2022 @ 10:00 am - 10:30 am

The Welser Profile Group is a family-owned hidden champion with headquarter in Austria and presence around the world. The Group has been in a transformation process since 2018 in order to cope with the challenges of the changing world. The management and the owners wanted to find an answer on how the organization could deal with a very dynamic environment and complexity and ensure sustainable competitiveness over generations. Through inviting the employees to participate in the development of the purpose and redefine the company values, the company created a new mindset to enable real change. As a first concrete step, the management reworked all its policies to reflect the values. Soon it became clear that reworking policies is not enough and so it was decided to redefine the way the company works and how decision are taken. As a result, the organizational setup was changed from a hierarchical organization to an organization based on the holocratic principles. Step by step, the employees of Welser implement the principles, update the organization and learn every day how to continuously improve.